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東京郊外の住宅地に位置する4戸の木造賃貸アパートメント。 水回りや収納、設備を居室の境界部分に納め、必要な構造壁量を満たすことによって、 居室間の遮音性を高め、開口の自由度を高めている。各居室は窓の高さが2種類あり、プライバシーの確保と視覚的な開放性の両立を目指した。

story 4 unitwood-construction apartment located in Tokyo suburb, has kip?tchen, bath, storage, utilities and necessary structural wall length, all located in the building core, it achieves a superior sound insulation among units as well as a freedom of locating large openings that is impossible in a conventional 2 story wood-construction. Each unit has 2 types of window height arranged to maximize privacy at the same time to achive openness to outside. 


Collaboration with Suzuki Atelier

All photographed by SHINTARO SATO

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