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A university researcher has requested a house with a large capacity to store his books, paper works and belongings, at the same time a place for him to be able to move out with at most ease. Proposed is the idea of compacting and integrating kitchen, refrigerator, washing machine, bed, counter table, sofa, and everything necessary for a researcher’s life into two wall shelves, and all his belongings are stored in A4 size boxes to fit into compartments.


Collaboration with Ryuji Fujimura

All photographed by Daichi Ano.

VOXEL HOUSE re-location 2006

解体 taking 《VOXEL HOUSE 2004 》 apart to pieces

Photographed by Koichi Torimura.

2004年から2年の賃貸期間を経た2006年6月、VOXEL HOUSEは初台のマンションから早稲田のマンションへと移転した。VOXELの棚は合板1枚にまで解体され、初台から運び込まれた合板は早稲田で再度組み立てられその姿を現した。初台でVOXEL HOUSEが作られてから2年後、当初施主の希望していた「逃亡可能な家」は実現した。移転したVOXEL HOUSEでは入口を入って左側部分が新規製作され、そこには水廻り、収納、建具等が収められてあり、表面には板(シナ3mm)が張られ新たな表情を作り出している。

After ending the 2-year lease in June 2006, VOXEL HOUSE has relocated from Hatsudai to the owner-owned apartment room in Waseda. The shelves of VOXEL were dismantled into peaces for moving, and reconstructed at the Waseda location. Finally after 2 year, the concept of “runaway home” is proved, that was also the owner’s initial request. The relocated VOXEL HOUSE has a new addition on the left side from entering the room, where a new bathroom, storage and shelves are installed. The portion is covered with 3mm plywood, giving a new character to the space. 

”INDOOR ARCHITECTURE” for a Nomadic Life-style

The advantage of VOXEL series is that although it is a piece of furniture, it creates a built architectural environment inside a building. Not only as a new construction, VOXEL can be installed in a leased space without damaging the existing. The width and height of VOXEL can flexibly adapt to the life-style of an owner to accommodate his/her belongings and activities. The pieces are jointed and the construction requires only screw connections, enabling easy assembly, addition, and relocation. 
In Tokyo, there are many uninspiring, small to medium size tenant buildings and apartments built over 30 years ago. Under this prevailing circumstance of leasing-market, we need to build inside a building proposing “Indoor-architecture”, in order to create a new environment to accommodate various needs and usages. Another word, we conceive this uninspiring leasing-market as a building “site”. VOXEL series is a system to meet such needs. 



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